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  • etizolam, banned drugs, indian businessman accused with import of banned drugs to us, Anxiety

    Indian Businessman Accused With Import Of Banned Drugs To US 2019-12-10 05:50:44

    Jeetendra Harish Belani, an US businessman from Nagpur, India pleaded guilty to all the charges with importing banned drugs along with money laundering conspiracy, as reported by the officials from US. The 37-year old businessman was extradited to the United...

    Keywords: US, etizolam, banned drugs, etizolam

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    Stress, National stress awareness day, simple and unexpected ways to combat stress naturally, Anxiety

    Simple And Unexpected Ways To Combat Stress Naturally 2019-11-06 07:02:51

    We live a life that is propelled by stress, be it the stress at home or the constant stress at work. There is something or the other triggering our senses, projecting it to an hyperdrive that leaves us stressed and...

    Keywords: National stress awareness day, Stress, Stress, Stress

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    neurological conditions, soybean oil, most widely used soybean oil may cause adverse effect in neurological health, Anxiety

    Most widely Used Soybean Oil may Cause Adverse Effect in Neurological Health 2020-01-18 12:05:45

    The soybean oil is widely used and is said to be the most consumed edible oil as it is likely a common element in the diet. This oil is popularly being used in processed and premade foods by the restaurants,...

    Keywords: soybean oil, autism, neurological conditions, anxiety

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    US Economy, trump, trump to reopen us economy even amidst the covid 19 scares, Anxiety

    Trump to reopen US economy even amidst the Covid-19 scares 2020-03-24 08:55:11

    Even with the constant rise in the death toll in the United States, President Donald Trump informed that he is planning on reopening the US economy in the following weeks and not months. In one of the White House briefings...

    Keywords: coronavirus, president donald trump, president donald trump, president donald trump

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    loss of smell, coronavirus, loss of smell could be an underlying sign of coronavirus new study suggests, Anxiety

    Loss of smell could be an underlying sign of coronavirus, new study suggests 2020-03-24 11:43:45

    The signs and symptoms of coronavirus has been pretty straightforward till now. The combined sign of cough, fever as well as shortness of breath is what the doctors are treating as the primary symptom. In severe cases, some of the...

    Keywords: anosia, coronavirus, anosia, loss of smell

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    relax, mood, ways to bust a bad mood instantly, Anxiety

    Ways to Bust a Bad Mood Instantly 2020-01-17 13:00:00

    Not every day is a Sunday is a well known proverb and is often used. Just the same way, there do exists bad days in our life be at the workplace or at home. Days like these calm down our...

    Keywords: mental health, stress, stress, stress

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